Chow Chow

Chow Chow | Life Span & mix Tips and Tricks | 15 Fluffy Facts

Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog Breeds to have survived in modern times. This furry dog is originally from Northern China and is considered the ancestor of other breeds like the Pomeranian.

The backgrounds of these dogs are undecided, and most experts doubt it but in DNA study its shows that it was one of the first breeds to have grown from the wolf apart from being used as temple guards. These dogs were also used for pulling slaves and for hunting in Arctic regions.


The chow dog breed saw its amounts come down sharply as hunting became a rare pastime. Some of the pure specimens survived with monasteries of rich families. By the 13th century, some of these dogs had also reached Central Asia with Mongol hordes.

They were imported in small numbers into Europe along with other Chinese curiosities in the 1700s. This is also the period when the name Chow Chow puppies were first used to describe. Their greeting buffs in England began importing and raising them in earnest in the late 1800s, and the breed reached the USA.

what is chow chow

This dog is an ARCTIC type breed dog also found mostly In Northern China and Mongolia along where it means as Songshi-Quan which is meant by a Puffy-lion dog. They are not social, famous, and outgoing dogs. They tend to be unresponsive with strangers and aggressive with other people or also with other dogs.

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Are Chow Chow good family dogs?

Yes, they are sweetened, attractive, and family puppies but also these dogs are aggressive with outsiders. They don’t mind to live in apartments. These dogs are caring and dedicated to their families as they are respectable and helpful too. Few CHARACTERISTICS of this Dog.

LIFE SPAN10 years – 15 years or sometimes 12 – 15 years.
HEIGHTMale: 48–56 cm, Female: 46–51 cm.
WEIGHTMale: 25–32 kg, Female: 20–27 kg.
NATURELoyal, Quite, and Independent.
COLORSBlack, Blue, Red, Creamy.
DOG BREEDWorking, skillful, and friendliness Dog.
LITTER SIZE   3 – 6 Puppies.
GROOMING3 cups of high-quality dog food, divided into two meals.


Chow Chow 15 Fluffy Facts 

  • Date back to at least 200BC in CHINA. The name “Chow Chow” was used to describe from the Oriental Empire, before that they were called Songshi-Quan which means Puffy Lion Dog.
  • The biggest fact of this dog is that they are the BEST DOG BREED EVER because they were displayed in the LONDON ZOO by QUEEN VICTORIA and quickly become popular.
  • A blue-black tongue and blue shade in the lips and mouth are unique features in this dog. Interestingly this puppy is born with a pink tongue that turns pink black or purple in eight to ten weeks.
  • They look kind of like a cross between a lion and a bear.

More about this Dog

  • In fact, like the bear, this dog was the only dog born with 44 teeth’s compared to other dogs that have 42 teeth.
  • They have a cute and cuddly exterior.
  • These dogs can be very aggressive but you must train them.
  • The blue Tongue of this dog is Signature Characteristics.
  • They are considered as STUBBORN, ALOOF, and serious but also fully loyal.
  • That breed has a respect for their owners.
  • They are very good as they don’t mind staying alone.
  • These dogs can tolerate cold temperatures.
  • They need low exercise also low dog odor level and some watchdog abilities.
  • Blue Chow chow is very good for senior owners.
  • They are seen in Chinese pottery as early as the Han Dynasty.

what dogs have black tongues?

The blue tongue of this dog comes from the same type of pigments which affects humans to have marks. Chow chow tongue has blue and purple colors. That is why they are also called blue tongue dogs. Interestingly there are only two dogs in the world that have a blue tongue, ChowChow, and Shar-pie. Other animals like giraffe, bears or some cattle breed also have a blue tongue.

More Facts


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The best food for this dog is Purina puppy chow which provides him good quality food. Provide them in the right amount in every stage of their life, so they can live a healthy lifestyle. These dogs need a good amount of food daily to maintain their height, weight, and physical condition.

The best food for these puppies is Purina dog chow which can include all those nutrition food which is required for a large breed. Later in life, large breed puppy’s food can help to inspire slower growth and result in lesser bone and joints problems. More

What do they like to eat?

Just like raising sheep, cattle, and pigs today. They consumed a food regimen largely including grains and greens, with the occasional supplement of soy and fish. Because of this, these dogs cannot digest high levels of protein properly.

Purina Puppy Chow

How much do chow chows cost?

Purchasing your very own Chow will cost around $900. What’s more, preparing costs for this medium-sized pooch normal an expensive $90. Chow Chows have a future of 12 to 15 years, and run of the mill human services expenses could add up to $11,000.

Chow Dog Breed

This king of Chinese dog breed is one of the oldest, beautiful, and admired ancient dog breeds. This CHINESE DOG BREED is a bonfire head turner. It looks kind of like a cross between a lion and a bear.

In fact, like the Bear, he was the only dog born with 44 compared to other dogs that have 42 teeth and while they have a cute and cuddly exterior many have a reputation for aggression.

Chow dog breed is known to be a little bit aggressive in the past and a little bit standoffish with kids and with strangers. Despite, its reputation almost all properly trained and socialized dogs make wonderful loyal companions.

Once you get through the outer layers of this dog’s personality they’re amazing warm loving spirits. It was one of the most ancient dog breeds it originated in Northern China more than 2,000 years ago. More


Chow Dog Breed Information

  • This dog was bred to be an all-around working dog.
  • Chinese emperors and merchants use them for hunting, pulling sleds, and most notably guarding.
  • Mini Chow chow puppies are born with pink tongues that darken after few years.
  • They are fiercely loyal and protective over their owners.
  • These dogs can make great pets but don’t always appreciate being fussed over by children or strangers.
  • They can make amazing companions for adults.
  • I think that they are probably not the right companions for young children.
  • He is not an active breed so apartment living is okay as long as they receive daily scheduled exercise.
  • When this dog is not exercised usually they become a little bit more lethargic a little overweight and also a little bit cranky at some times.
  • When it comes to health, this dog breed is not always the sturdiest.
  • It does have a lot of health issues the most common being elbow and hip dysplasia.



9 Unique Features of Chow Chow

Some more information about this dog:

  • The Adult dog has a height of 17 to 20 inches but weighs 45 to 70 pounds.
  • It is a compact squarely built dog with a large head flat skull and broad deep muzzle.
  • These dogs do best with an experienced adult family.
  • Ears are small and triangular rounded at the tips but look cute.
  • It has a dense double coat that can be smooth or rough.
  • The fur is particularly thick around the neck giving it a Mane like an appearance.
  • Its Chinese name translates to a puffy lion dog.
  • Chow chow colors seen are red, black, blue, fawn, and cream.
  • The very unique feature of this puppy is its black tongue and blues a shade on lips and in the mouth.


are chow chows mean?

Yes, In general, they thrive in cold climates they are prone to several health issues including hip and elbow dysplasia they should be brushed daily. Training and grooming should start from puppyhood and these dogs do best with an experienced adult family.

Chow Chow Puppy Training Tips & Tricks

This puppy training, grooming, and socialization should start from puppyhood and these dogs do best with an experienced adult family. They can be very territorial and take their home and family very seriously.

He is considered amongst the Easiest Chinese dog breeds to housebreak and is particularly about its cleanliness. In tune with its cat-like nature, it can be stubborn and requires patience while training.

It does not require too much exercise, daily walks or a short game of fetch should take care of its physical needs.

More about this Puppy


Are chow chows aggressive?

Aggression is the biggest difficulty with them, though it’s far trouble that may be averted. These dogs are certainly competitive towards puppies of the same intercourse, and their searching instincts can take over if provided with a small dog or a cat. They want to be socialized very early and regularly to allow visitors into the home. As with many different breeds, they defend his family. Timidity is also unacceptable and is not a typical trait of those noble-searching dogs. Take care while your Puppy is around strangers; he may danger for them.

Dog Grooming Tips & Tricks

In the Grooming of this dog, its double coat requires a good amount of brushing especially the rough variety of daily brushing is necessary to minimize shedding of dead hair occasional baths with proper drying are important because of the thick coat.

The breed has a high susceptibility to fleas nails require regular clipping ears need to be checked for wax buildup and teeth need to be brushed regularly.

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Chow Chow Life Span

The typical lifespan is 8 to 12 years of this breed. A condition in which the eyelid folds. It seemed quite common in this breed because it is in the high-risk category of autoimmune disease.

Other elements observed in this dog lifespan are glaucoma, cataracts, hip dysplasia, lymphoma, diabetes, and gastric cancer. Not as demonstrative as other dogs. The Chow Chow mix is a regal breed known for its loyalty.

Best suited for indoor living this cute bully dog does not crave constant attention from its owners and is perfect for bachelors or small families with grown-up children.

how long do chows live?

The typical lifespan is 8 to 12 years of this breed.


Chow Chow Temperament

Temperament is often said to have a cat-like personality. It can become fiercely loyal to one or two family members and is generally reserved. It has a good sense of judging strangers and makes for an excellent watchdog.

They lose their temperament very easily because they are social that’s why early socialization of chows is very important when living in a house with kids or other pets.

Some dogs of the breed can be aggressive in the presence of other animals and need early training to control this along with supervision when being left in the company of kids or smaller dogs.


Chow Chow History

Experts have long speculated but the white puppy is one of the oldest Chinese dog breeds and genetic testing has proven that to be true. The ancient breed is believed to have originated in Mongolia and Northern China slowly moving south with the Nomadic tribes of Mongolia.

An early depiction of dogs resembling they appear in pottery and paintings from the Han Dynasty. She owes 63 to 2281AD. One Chinese emperor was said to have kept two thousand five hundred pairs of children and taunting dogs.

In addition to hunting the chow dogs were used to guard their owner’s possessions on the downside. Their fur was used to trend toast and their flesh was considered a delicacy in China.



Why are chow chows banned?

Sigmund Freud’s (Jovi) attended all his therapy sessions he said it helped him assess the mental state of his patients and other famous black puppy owners include 30th President Calvin Coolidge, Elvis Presley and Martha Stewart.

He is an ARCTIC type of breed dog and found mostly In Northern China and Mongolia, where it means as Songshi-Quan which is meant by a puffy-lion dog. They were displayed in the LONDON ZOO by QUEEN VICTORIA that’s why he becomes popular in no time.

  • The Chao Chao dog is the most singular and possibly oldest breed in the world (BEST BREED EVER).
  • He has played many roles during their history.
  • That time, they were the champions in Chinese nobles and also in all dogs breed.
  • Early representations of Dogs look like the black dogs in the appearance of pottery and painting from the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 22 AD).
  • One Chinese King was said to have kept more than 2200 pairs of this dog breed as hunting Dogs.
  • These dogs were also used to guard their owner’s possessions.
  • One British Trader in the late 18th century includes some of the bear-like dogs in their Cargo.


The Name of the puppy was first used to describe?

As you know, this dog breed is the oldest breed to survive in this modern era. By the 13th century, some of these dogs had also reached Central Asia with Mongol hordes. These dogs were imported in small numbers into Europe along with other Chinese curiosities in the 1700s, and this is also the period when the name Chow dog was first used to describe them greeting enthusiasts in England began importing and raising them in earnest in the late 1800s, and the breed reached the USA soon after.

Why you should not get a Chow Dog

They have some weak points like:

  • They are not the best choice for novice owners and kids.
  • These dogs are not very good with other dogs and other animals such as Cats.
  • They don’t like HOT temperature.
  • They also need high grooming.


How much does this dog cost?

Shopping for a chow dog of your very own will cost approximately $900 because this dog breed is not only protective but also grooming charges for this medium-sized is around a high-priced $90 and common health care fees could total $110 that’s why these dogs have a life span of 12 to 15 years.

Chow Chow Puppy Price

The average price for this puppy is almost 900$-1200$ because this dog breed is knowledgeable:

  • These dogs are protective as well as useful.
  • They are powerful and helpful and also very experienced puppies.
  • These dogs are responsible and also very reputable.

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Why you should buy a Chow

You can have them in your house but keep in mind these 8 factors:

  • These puppies lived to be 10 – 15 years.
  • They are medium-sized dogs but all the time.
  • They can live in an apartment but they must need regular exercise.
  • These dogs are shying but only with other animals.
  • They just need regular exercise to live a healthy life.
  • Heavy Shed is a very beautiful feature in these dogs.
  • These dogs are better for adult families because this dog is not good for kids.
  • They can be lazy and need to be motivated.


Chow Chow mix

Chow Chow mix

He is solid and well-built with a unique high-set tail and these chow dogs have big, square heads and short, deep muzzles but One of the novel characteristics is the blue or black tongue! They can be solid-colored, or they may have bits of color. The undercoat is soft, and the coat is either rough or smooth. More

What is a chow mix?

This is a crossbreed among the Chow dog and the Labrador Retriever, two big dogs with quite complex cases. One is a true, but satisfied and free life (often called the cat dog), while the other is familiar with everyone and likes to play and turn about her clients all the time.

German shepherd Chow Mix

This is a mixture of a Chow puppy and a black German Shepherd. White german shepherd dogs, or GSD as supporters of the kind fondly ask them finally was bred as a herding dog.

Pitbull Chow Mix 

This is a mix between pitbull puppies and a Chow Puppies.

are Pitbulls dangerous

The American pitbull puppies had its roots in the British Staffordshire Bull Terrier and were done in the 1800s for blood games such as bull-baiting. 

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Chow Husky Mix

This is a mix between Chow Chow and Siberian Husky. The Siberian Husky is a successful working dog that signals from the cold north even so it was used for moving heavy costs of goods as well as terms within towns. Huskies make loving pets but will require early socialization.

Chow Husky Mix

Chow Lab Mix

As you’ve probably figured obviously the Lab Chow mix is a cross in a chow puppy as well as a Labrador Retriever dog which is a medium-sized dog with a big star. 

Are lab chow mixes aggressive?

This Mix, also known as a Labrador, make for cute puppies that can grow into friendly, devoted pets. Their looks are variable as well as they can be their characters, and with their father, they have the potential for aggressive action. More

Chow Lab Mix


  • They have deep-set eyes and its appearance is hidden by folds of skin definitely which can also make eye problems.
  • When you buy a mix you risk catching on these problems too.
  • This mix is also known as a brachycephalic class as well as these flat-faced dogs can experience improved breathing and are likely to overheat.
  • However, many vets do dogs as mesocephalic dogs.
  • That suggests their heads are average height, slightly than flat.
  • It’s essential to have all these potential health problems in mind when using a mixed breed dog.
  • Mixed breeds can obtain the features also health problems of either or both parents.
  • You can’t tell exactly how your puppy will turn out, so be very wary of taking a hybrid between a Chow puppy and a strange dog race with a flat face.

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