Chow Chow Facts

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Chow Chow Facts, Date back to at least 200BC in CHINA. The name “Chow Chow” was used to describe Imports from the Oriental Empire, before that they were called Songshi-Quan which means Puffy Lion Dog.

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Chow Chow is the BEST BREED EVER because they were displayed in the LONDON ZOO by QUEEN VICTORIA and quickly become popular.

A blue-black tongue and blue a shade in the lips and mouth are unique features in the Chow Chow interestingly the puppy is born with a pink tongue which turns pink black or purple in eight to ten weeks.



Are chow chows aggressive?

Aggression is the most significant difficulty with chows, though it’s far trouble that may be averted. Chow dogs are certainly competitive towards puppies of the same intercourse, and their searching instincts can take over if provided with a small dog or a cat.

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They need to be socialized very early and regularly to allow visitors into the home. As with many different breeds, the chow defends his family. Timidity is also unacceptable and is not a typical trait of those noble-searching dogs. Take care whilst your food is around strangers; he may chew primarily based on a perceived danger to you or your family.

Chow chow dog looks kind of like a cross between a lion and a bear. In fact, like the bear, the Chow Chow was the only dog born with 44 compared to other dogs that have 42 teeth, and while they have a cute and cuddly exterior, many Chows have a reputation for aggression.


Chow Chow Facts

  • The blue Tongue of Chows is Signature Characteristics.
  • They are considered as STUBBORN ALOOFand serious but fully loyal.
  • Chow Chow can be very aggressive and must be now
  • They are useful as they don’t mind staying alone.
  • Chows can tolerate cold temperatures.
  • They need low exercise, also low dog odor level, and some watchdog abilities.
  • Chow dogs are seen in Chinese pottery as early as the Han Dynasty.

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  • Many believe the Chow chow came from crossing began Mastiffs and Samoyeds, while others argue it’s the original ancestor of the Samoyed, Pomeranian, Norwegian elkhound, and Kay’s owned.
  • The Chow Chow is the most well-known characteristic is his blue-black tongue.
  • It is a little disarming if you’re not prepared for it but is, of course, one of the things that people find most charming ultimately about the breed.
  • Chow’s also having their distinctive straight hind legs swing back and forth like a pendulum giving them a stilted gait.


Do chow chows make good pets?

The most immediately recognizable of any characteristic is their dense double coat that is either smooth or rough. Red is the most popular among all. The chows were bred to be an all-around working dog.

  • Chinese emperors and merchants use them for hunting, pulling sleds, and most notably guarding.
  • Chow puppies are born with pink tongues but get darker as they age.
  • Fiercely loyal and protective over their owners.
  • Chows can make excellent pets but don’t always appreciate being fussed over by children or strangers.
  • Chow dogs can make perfect companions for adults.
  • I think that they are probably not the right companions for young children.
  • Chows are not an active breed, so apartment living is okay as long as they receive daily scheduled exercise.


How long do chow chows live?

When a Chow Chow dog is not exercised, usually they become a little bit more lethargic a little overweight and also a little bit cranky at times, and we don’t like cranky Chow Chows.

  • Chow dog thrive in cold weather and are prone to heatstroke, so Chows need to be in a cool place on hot days.
  • The breed went by several names like black Tongue dog, hi she-wolf dog, link bear dog, key on and counts on the dog, and Guangdong.
  • How he became, the Chow Chow is an interesting story.
  • Some British merchants from our 18th century included some of the bear-like dogs in their cargo.
  • Miscellaneous items, including dogs, were referred to as chow and remained stocked to the breed.
  • In 1781 the Chow puppy was described in a British book natural history and antiquities of cell board by naturalist Gilbert’s wife.
  • His neighbors had brought home a pair of Chow Chows from Canton now long dong, and he included them in his observations of country life.
  • Past years say the breed has changed little since white wrote about them more than 200 years ago.
  • It wasn’t until a century later however that Chow Chows were imported regularly.
  • Queen Victoria who loved dogs, took an interest in the breed which boosted its popularity.

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Do Chow Chow’s bark?

Yes, A breed Club formed in England in 1895, the first chow who makes an appearance at an American dog show was taking up to third place in the miscellaneous class at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1890.

The breed’s most outstanding physical feature may be his blue-black tongue, according to Chinese legend the language got its review at a time of creation when a child itself got a love the color eyes before it was being painted.

When it comes to dreaming a verbal correction is usually all that’s required to set the chow chows straight, no dog should ever be hit, but it’s incredibly Counterproductive with this breed.

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Information About Chow Dog

He is fiercely proud and independent. Chow will never respond to physical abuse but earn his respect with a firm consistency, and you won’t have any problem training him.

Chow chows are very independent and aloof. They need an owner who appreciates those traits but won’t let the dog take over you. Chow puppies should be well socialized.

Introduced new people, dogs, and situations beginning in early puppyhood to ensure that they’re safe and relaxed as adults. Chow Chows puppies may bond with just one person or to their immediate family.

They’re suspicious of strangers. Chows need to be brushed two or three times a week to keep their coat in good condition. Chow dogs can live in apartments or condos, so long as they get daily exercise.

The lion-like CHOW CHOW FACTS comes in five colors red, black, cream, blue, and cinnamon.

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