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Chow Chow Tongue – Purple Tongue Chow, Pictures, Blue Tongue

Chow Chow Tongue has blue and purple colors. That is why they are also called purple tongue dogs. The Chow dog tongue, did you know? There are only a few animals on this planet with blue tongues. The Chow dog and the Sharpie are the only two breeds known for featuring solid black blue tongues.

In the rest of the animal kingdom, giraffes are known for having a black, blue or purple tongue with a pink base and then there’s the blue-tongued skink, a lizard from Australia, and there are polar bears that are also known to sport a blue-black tongue which matches the color of their skin.

Back to Chow dog tongue, according to the American Kennel Club, the standard for this breed calls for a tongue with the top surface and edges being solid blue-black the darker the better.

what dogs have black tongues?

The presence of a black-blue tongue in this breed is such a unique and critical identifying characteristic that should the tongue have its top surface or edges tinted in red or pink or have one or more spots of red or pink.

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Are chow chows aggressive?

Animosity is the greatest battle with chows, however, it’s far a difficulty that might be stayed away from. Chowhounds are positively acceptable towards young doggies of similar intercourse, and their looking through characters can dominate whenever they gave a little canine or a feline. Chow puppy needs to be mingled early and as often as possible to permit guests into the home. Likewise, with various breeds, the chow dog guards his family. Anxiety is likewise hostile and is definitely not a regular attribute of those respectable looking through pooches.


Are chow chows mean?

It’s considered a disqualifying Fault, while the distinctive blue-black tongue of this dog is a distinguishing feature, what many might not know is that it isn’t present at birth.

Blue Chow Chow

  • Chow puppies are born with a pink tongue just like any other dog.
  • Indeed, just like Dalmatian puppies gain their spots later on.
  • This puppy gained its distinctive blue-black colors at around eight to ten weeks of age.
  • This color change occurs about the same time the puppies leave the breeder and go to their new homes.
  • Just on time for those new puppy owners to admire, just because a Chow puppy doesn’t have a solid black tongue doesn’t necessarily make him less.
  • It might just mean he’s not cut for the show ring but he still has the potential to make a great pet quality companion if raised in the right home.
  • Some Chow may have small spots or splashes of pink on their tongues.

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Why does Chow Chow have Blue Tongue?

The blue tongue of chow dogs comes from the same type of colors which affects humans to have symbols. Its tongue has blue and purple colors. That is why they are also called blue tongue dogs. Interestingly there are only two dogs in the world that have a blue tongue. Chow Chow and Shar-pie. Other animals like giraffe, bears or some cattle breed also have a blue tongue.

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Chow Dog Tongue

The chow is a dog that was originally dedicated to guarding and protecting Buddhist temples. For his reason, one legend emerged claiming that on a fiercely cool day a monk from the temple became seriously ill.



Chow chow dog from this temple went out to look for wood to help the master but was only able to find charred pieces, which they’d done the less took back to the money. Due to picking up the wood with its mouth turned blue.

Another legend claims that the origin of this Chinese dog breed was even earlier than this the Buddha himself. It was painting the sky using the typical blue color we think of only a picture of the sky.

As he painted with his brush drops of blue paint fell to the ground. They licked up from that day on the Chow dog tongue remained permanently blue.

Why does Chow Chow have blue tongue?

Although these legends offered beguiling and evocative explanations, the real reason for this dog is firmly placed in the hands of science.

The blue tongue of this dog is due to the high number of pigment cells. The minds of these dogs these pigment cells contain the blue color which we recognize when looking into the mouths.

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Why are Chow Chows banned?

A truly old Chinese dog breed thought to have started in China around 300 B.C., Chow Chows were used as hunting and guard dogs. They are banned in many cities that have bad dog bans in the park, as well as service housing. The Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog with a very big head and round huge muzzle.

Chow Chow Blue Tongue

Chow chow blue tongue simply has a greater concentration, as they are also found in the mucous membrane. These dogs with lips gums and a palate of a blue-black color in their entirety.

Almost, a curious fact is that this color is not only present in the minds of dogs like the Chow Dog Breed. Also other animals such as a giraffe the jersey cow and some types of bear-like the polar bear.

What Colour is a chow chows tongue?

  • They just have minds of their own.
  • Chow chow js intelligent.
  • They shed heavily.
  • They are medium-sized.
  • Chow dog can live in a flat but he must need to set exercise.
  • They are more suitable for older families.
  • Chow puppies are very caring. 
  • They are very large and important. 

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  • Some studies suggest that the Chow Chow derives from the Hennessy on the so-called dog bear.
  • This is an extinct mammal species from the Miocene age which is believed to be an ancestor of some dog breeds.
  • However, without definitive scientific evidence to support this belief, it currently remains only a hypothesis
  • Chow Dog Breed is curious.
  • This is the only dog with both lips and a palate of this bluish color.

Are chow chows smart?

  • There are many pure breeds and mixed dog breeds that have sponsor patches of this color but their mucous membranes are not uniform.
  • It is also interesting to note that they are not born with his blue color but begin to develop months another dog characterized wear this color of the tongue is the sharpie.
  • If a dog has a blue-purple or black spots or patches on their tongue. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are descended.
  • Chinese dog breed at the child trial more than 30 chow dog breed spots in the tongue. Also pigmentation of the skin.

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